I (Prashi Kapoor) would like to present the sample for Turmeric Milk( Popularly known as Golden latte) as an option to introduce in Norway through your esteemed establishment,provided given me an opportunity for the same.

I am a creative, enthusiastic, hardworking and qualified chef with a passion for food ,over 15 years of experience in premium hotels like J.W.Marriott,Mumbai,Grand hyatt Mumbai,Leela kempinsiki,Bangalore and Oberois in India ,where i specialized in Indian cuisine and,along with have 6 years of experience with various well known chains of hotel and restaurant in Norway. I like to be innovative on traditional dishes, creating new combinations and experimenting with new flavors while being careful not to compromise the freshness and originality of the food prepared.

Thus,I would like to present the sample for Turmeric Milk( Popularly known as Golden latte) in two variations.

Its a very ancient method of preparing this milk which is continuing for thousand years in Indian households but i have made an innovation on the same using anti oxidants ingredients which are very essential for the daily nutrition, and it has been scientifically proved too that turmeric milk helps in following factors :

1. Avoids Bronchitis and Asthma.

2. Insominia

3. Cold and Flu.

4. Arithritis

5. Diabetes

6. digestion

7. Immunity

8.Mensuration and many more...

which will in regular use will prove to be an amazing option for an over all health and with combination of flavors too.

I look forward to hearing from you, so that i can bring samples for your kind consideration.

Thanking you in anticipation.

Culinary regards

Prashi kapoor

Note (Resume): www.linkedin.com/in/prashi-kapoor-842509a5

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Kapoor Prashi