My idea, not original, is to add vitamin D to milk, at least during the darker parts of the year, and--here's the original part--not charge extra. In many countries, vitamin D is added to milk by law. It would seem, therefore, not to be an expensive process. Although another company offers very skim milk with supplemented vitamin D, and charges a high price for it, Q Meierienne could be the unique company in Norway to offer not only "real" whole milk but "real" whole milk with added vitamin D! You could call it, subject to restrictions by the advertising and health authorities, "Sunshine in a carton". The obvious advertising slant would be a kitchen on some dark, dreary winter morning, a sleepy child pours a glass of milk and--surprise--a brightly shining stream of milk lights up his/her face as he/she pours. And then some useful and truthful about vitamin D deficiency among, in particular, minority and elderly people.

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- Nose1403, 17. jan. 2023
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Hey! Love the name "sunshine in a carton" :) We have already added vitamin D to "Ekstra Lett Melk" (the green carton). It would'nt be a problem for us to do this, and as a matter of fact we have already worked on it for a couple of years back.

We thought this would be a great idea, but consumers and the stores didn't agree with us. What came back after telling people about our (and yours) idea was that you shouldn't "mess with the milk". People told us that milk should be as it always have been. "Don't ruin it by adding things that is not in the milk from before".. That's why we don't go further with this idea at this point. But maybe in the future people would be more welcoming to the idea?

- Mads Liabø, 8. okt. 2015
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