With all the research on the importance of good gut health I think there should be health marked natural yoghurt avsilable in Norway. Children are taught to choose nøkkellhullsmerkering but as there are no natural yogurt options with marking then many kids assume that natural yoghurt is not healthy. It would be good to make a stand for improving health. Kids need healthy dairy options .

A laktosefri option would be excellent as many kids are lactose intolerant. Thanks for listening

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Hi there, thank you for writing to us. I think it is sad that children think that yoghurt is unhealthy, when it is such a good product for them. It contains calcium, jod, proteins, Vitamins to mention some. A natural yoghurt that has t.ex 3 % fat, cannot get the key hole. It has to have maximum 1,5 % fat. So I think we have to learn the children that they can eat it despite it does not have the "nøkkelhull". Kind regards, Marianne
- Marianne, Q-Meieriene, 8. des. 2022

Helt enig!

- Embla123, 17. jul. 2022
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